The White House declined to comment on Biden’s congratulations from Putin

The White House declined to comment on Biden's congratulations from Putin

White House press secretary Kaylie McEnaney declined to comment on congratulations to Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden on his victory in the presidential election from Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

“No comment on that,” she said, adding that she would leave it to Donald Trump himself to comment on the matter. According to McEnaney, there was no conversation between Trump and Putin after the Russian president congratulated Biden.

Earlier, Putin congratulated Biden on winning the presidential election. In his telegram, the Russian leader wished the president-elect every success and expressed confidence that Russia and the United States “can, despite their differences, really help solve the many problems and challenges the world is facing right now.”

Biden won the electoral college votes needed to win the presidency. He received 302 votes out of the 270 needed to win. The Democrat called the electoral college’s decision a clear victory over incumbent Donald Trump.