The White House listed the Biden administration’s priorities

The White House listed the Biden administration's priorities

The White House has listed the priorities of U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration.

According to the official statement, the first place among the priorities of the new administration is the fight against the spread of coronavirus. Also included in the list are issues related to climate change and racial justice. In addition, the president and his team will focus on the economy and health care. It is noted that special attention will be paid to problems related to immigration and the restoration of the U.S. position in the world.

Earlier, Biden took the oath of office during the inauguration ceremony in front of the Capitol in Washington, D.C., thus becoming the 46th leader of the United States. Outgoing U.S. Vice President Mike Pence attended the ceremony. Former White House leader Donald Trump refused to attend the ceremony, breaking a 150-year tradition, and left Washington a few hours before the festivities. He left the capital for his residence at Mar-a-Lago in Florida. Before doing so, he said goodbye to his supporters and promised to return “in one form or another.”