The White House named Biden’s priorities in U.S. politics

4 months ago

Joe Biden’s priorities as president will be the fight against the coronavirus, the climate, racial justice, the economy, health care, immigration and restoring the U.S. position in the world. This is according to the White House website, which was updated with the 46th president taking office.

“President Biden will engage in proactive action and immediate assistance to American families as the country struggles with several crises at once. This will include action to control the COVID-19 pandemic, provide economic assistance, fight climate change and advance racial justice and civil rights, as well as immediate action to reform our immigration system and restore the U.S. to its position in the world,” the statement said.

It is noted that the U.S. president also intends to “strengthen national security, restore democratic alliances around the world, uphold American values and human rights and help the American middle class succeed in the global economy.”

Earlier, Biden called his inauguration day a historic day when democracy prevailed. As his first act as president of the United States, he declared a moment of silence in memory of the 400,000 Americans who died because of COVID-19.

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