The White House postponed Biden’s speech on U.S. foreign policy

The White House postponed Biden's speech on U.S. foreign policy

U.S. President Joe Biden’s speech on foreign policy has been postponed, it will be held on Thursday, February 4. This was announced by the official representative of the White House Jane Psaki.

According to Psaki, Biden would visit the State Department on Thursday and deliver a speech “on the restoration of America’s role in the world.

On January 31, NBC TV channel, citing a source in the administration of the head of state, reported that Biden intends on Monday, February 1, to give a speech about his vision for the foreign policy of the state, and also to sign a number of decrees in the field of foreign policy.

Earlier, Joe Biden’s administration suspended a number of arms sales to other countries. The U.S. State Department explained that “some pending shipments and defense deals have been suspended.” The State Department attributed this to the need to “give the new leadership an opportunity to conduct assessments” of such transactions, which is a normal procedure during the start of the new administration.