The winner of the US presidential election has been determined !?

According to the latest data from leading American media, Joe Biden has already secured the support of 273 to 284 electors with the required minimum of 270 votes.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden secured 273 electoral votes and thus secured his victory in the US presidential election, CNN reports. 270 votes are enough to win.

The candidate received the last required electoral votes, as the results came from Pennsylvania, where the counting of votes has continued since Tuesday.

At the same time, the data cannot be considered final, since earlier the headquarters announced the decision to go to courts because of the results in individual states. Donald Trump’s supporters pushed for data revisions in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan and Wisconsin. Biden’s entourage promised to protect the interests of their candidate in these states.

The final results of the elections, therefore, can be announced after all complaints have been considered.

The main electoral struggle unfolded in the states where four years ago the current president unexpectedly for analysts managed to get ahead of Hillary Clinton: Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Pennsylvania. As the votes were counted, Trump and Biden came forward.

In the history of American elections, there have been cases when a stubborn struggle for a state led to a delay in elections. In 2000, Florida decided the fate of the vote, a victory in which would give victory to George W. Bush or Al Gore. Since the Republican candidate had only 1,000 votes, the Democrats demanded a manual recount of ballots. He confirmed Bush’s victory by a 0.01% margin. A month after the election, Gore admitted defeat.

In 2016, the recount in Wisconsin and Michigan was carried out at the request of the leader of the Green Party, Jill Stein, who ran as a candidate. It was about checking individual districts, it did not affect the final outcome. The Pennsylvania authorities did not agree to the recount then.

In the 2000s, Pennsylvania and New Mexico were the traditional states where Republicans and Democrats fought bitterly. In 2008, 0.14% shared Barack Obama and John McCain in Missouri, 0.32% in North Carolina.

Before the start of voting, most experts called Biden’s favorite. As reported by the aggregator’s site RealClearPolitics, all the latest federal polls showed its leadership. The average margin was 7.2 percentage points (51.2% for Biden, 44% for Trump). At the same time, in a number of fluctuating states, the vote in which significantly affects the election results, Trump was in the lead. So, in Ohio, its advantage, according to various polls, averaged 1.4 percentage points, in Georgia – 1 percentage point, in Iowa – 2 percentage points.

The final results of this year’s elections will be announced later than usual. The reason is the scale of voting by mail. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, a record number of Americans – more than 100 million – decided to vote early (by mail or at polling stations before voting day). This is about 47% of all registered voters.

Joe Biden is one of the veterans of American politics. Served as vice president of the United States during both Barack Obama’s presidential terms. Prior to joining the White House in 2009, he was a Senator from Delaware for 35 years. Biden received a seat in the Senate at the age of 30, the minimum possible for this position. In 1974, Time magazine included him among the “200 Faces of the Future Who Will Make History.”