The woman miraculously survived after an unknown man pushed her onto the metro tracks in Union Square

The woman barely escaped death after being pushed on the subway to Union Square in New York City.

According to police, a concerned man pushed a stranger onto the tracks while she was waiting for the subway on Thursday morning. According to police, the attack took place on a 4/5/6 platform heading north on 14th Street around 8:30 a.m. A 24-year-old man was walking back and forth on the platform, then approached a woman and suddenly pushed her onto the tracks of the 5th train.

“Luckily for her, she fell between the bed and the railing. She got a minor one,” said Transit Chief Kathleen O’Reilly. Two cars drove over her before the train could stop and the subway staff pulled her out to safety.

Platform conductor Bernie Wilkerson told The Post he saw “a hacked man suddenly push her onto the tracks. When he started yelling at his attacker, he fell to the ground thinking Wilkerson was a cop.

Police reported that suspect Aditya Vemulapati was taken into custody and charged with attempted murder, assault and threat. The suspect had only recently arrived in New York City and the motive for the attack was unknown.

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