10 months ago

The woman was torn to pieces by her own pit bull when she walked him

10 months ago

A woman from Canada died when her pit bull attacked her while walking

According to the CBC channel, the woman’s body (her name was not made public) was found in a ditch on Tuesday morning in Nova Scotia when the girl noticed a dog while running and was afraid that she would attack her. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) immediately issued a warning about the “pit bull on the loose”, warning: “Stay indoors, do not approach the dog, it is dangerous.”

Police later found out that the dog died after it was hit by a car more than an hour after the attack. The neighbors said that they were shocked when they found out which dog killed its owner, because they thought it was the second pit bull, which, they insisted, was more dangerous.

He just stayed at home. “I was in shock,” said a man living in the neighborhood, “it was the second pit bull that attacked other animals, once attacked my wife.” According to neighbors, dogs were the center of life of the deceased. “I think she really tried to help the problematic dog get better,” the man added.

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