The word “amen” was given a “feminine form” in a prayer in the U.S.

The word "amen" was given a "feminine form" in a prayer in the U.S.

While reciting the prayer in the U.S. Congress, the reader supplemented the word “amen” with the invented word “a-women,” news agencies reported.

The prayer was read during the first session of Congress. The reader, who was in the chairman’s seat, said the prayer in the name of “the monotheistic God, Brahma, and God known by many names.” He ended the prayer with “amen and a-women,” apparently determined to add gender equality because he saw the “male” root of “men/man” in the word “amen.

Pennsylvania Republican Congressman Guy Reschenthaler expressed outrage at the innovation, pointing out that the Latin word “amen” means “so be it,” it “has no gender.” Reschenthaler said that for “progressive” Democrats, “facts don’t matter,” reports