The world is changing: China terminates long-term contracts with Canada and offers cooperation to Russia

It is difficult for an outside observer to grasp the daily changes in the world in the context of the alignment of forces at its poles. But if you look at this from the perspective of 20-30 years ago, the changes are enormous. China was then called the leader of the countries of the “third world”, but who today will turn his tongue so to call this powerful economic giant, which is beginning to dictate its terms to the former leaders from the Anglo-Saxon world. Or that dying Russia, for which the same Anglo-Saxons have already prepared a grave and picked up a shovel, will suddenly start up and start its game in the global world.

A few days ago, a message came that China is refusing contracts with Canada for the supply of liquefied gas. The official version is that the Canadian suppliers did not react to low-quality gas with unacceptable impurities. It’s just hard to believe in it. Most likely – this is just a reason to break off relations.

And the real reason is to protect oneself from a possible stab in the back from a strategic ally, and, in fact, the “mongrel” of the United States of America, if the economic war from the latter comes to some point when such a blow becomes most painful.

And the falling volumes are impressive – as much as 130 million cubic meters. For a minute, this is a volume that both Nord Streams will not be able to pump to Europe in a year at full load. We also need to add South Stream to cope with such a volume. But even that is not enough, since The current European Energy Package prohibits filling pipelines completely for competitive reasons, and therefore a year in current conditions is not enough for such a volume – it will take about 2 years.

And now China offers to fill all this volume with Russian gas in its market. Our country is now considering this proposal, which I am sure will be accepted.

And at the same time, it will be a signal to Europe that it should not “sag” too much under the United States in matters of banning the supply of Russian natural gas in favor of liquefied gas from America. If, under the existing pressure from the West, Russia suddenly decides to refuse gas supplies, Europe will face an inevitable crisis – after all, tankers cannot move at the speed of a rocket in order to fill up the falling volumes of gas in a short period of time.

It looks like China’s game in the gas market is not limited to Canada. A few days ago, a warning was made to Australia, another Anglo-Saxon country, that the contract for the supply of gas could be broken and with it, if it is in unison with its “master” – the United States, to continue to put pressure on China on other political and humanitarian questions.

Here, the Chinese strategy is already visible – before striking economically on the United States, for example, on its dollar, as the world currency, China slowly and calmly “pacifies” its weaker strategic allies.

Such an idea is also suggested by the fact that not only the gas theme sounds in the context of trade relations with Canada. It has also recently become known that China is going to renegotiate contracts with Canada for the supply of soybeans, from which the Chinese make their favorite soybean oil. Such supplies bring Canada several billion dollars a year and the failure of China will deal an irreparable blow to the agricultural sector of this North American country.

Again, a chance for Russia to make money on the supply of soybeans to China, having sowed empty lands for years.

In general, the world in recent years has been changing very quickly, before our eyes and, it seems to me, in the coming years, events will occur that will radically change the balance of power in it. God grant that this happens without a “hot” phase – after all, the Anglo-Saxons do not like to lose so much.