| The World | US Warns Russia of ″decisive response″ for use of Nuclear Weapon

The White House national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, warned on Saturday (09.25.2022) through an interview to US television channel CBS to the Russian government of Vladimir Putin that any use of nuclear weapons would be accompanied by “catastrophic effects” for Russia as US forces and allies are likely to react “decisively.”

Sullivan called for “taking seriously” the possibility of using the nuclear arsenal in battle setting as the first time in World War II. “We have made clear and privately and at extremely higher levels with the Kremlin that any nuclear weapon used would have catastrophic implications for Russia as Russia, the United States and our allies will be able to respond swiftly,” he said.

Sullivan also stated in a different interview with his NBC broadcast “Meet the Press”, that the potential illegal annexed Ukrainian territory by Moscow could increase the likelihood of a direct confrontation among Russia and NATO in the event that weapons are employed by Ukrainian forces.The advisor stressed on the fact that United States will not hesitate to act if Russian invaders threaten Ukraine using nuclear weapons.

Additionally, to the illegally annexed territories.

The words of Sullivan are seen as a reference to statements by Putin who declared on Wednesday that Russia has an arsenal of nuclear weapons “unparalleled” to face any threat. “I am reiterating to you that the country we represent has different offensive systems , and in certain components they are more advanced than the ones owned by NATO nations,” he threatened.

In the context of United Nations General Assembly, the Russian Foreign Minister, Serguei Lavrov, said that Moscow could make use of the nuclear weapons arsenal of its country to protect Lugansk, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporizhia in the event that the fake referendums that are taking place in these Ukrainian regions that they support are, as expected, result in its annexation of the region to Russian territory.

Lavrov declared that the entire Russian territory, including those which could be added in the future, will be “under government protection.” Then, in his address at the United Nations, Lavrov again attempted to justify the assault on Ukraine by reiterating the false claim that the democratically elected Ukrainian government is unlegitimate and filled with Nazis.

DZC (EFE, Reuters)

US is warning Russia of a ”decisive response to any use of nuclear weapons • The World | D.W.

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US is warning Russia of a ”decisive response to any use of nukes The World | D.W.

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US is warning Russia of a ”decisive response to any use of nuclear weapons • The World | D.W.

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