The wreck of a 19th-century slave ship discovered off the coast of Mexico

A ship was discovered off the coast of Mexico that was transporting Mayan slaves to Cuba. The wreckage of the ship was discovered two years ago, but only now were they able to prove that it was the Cuban ship “La Union”. Maya captured during the “war of the castes” of the 19th century were taken away on it. Slavery was illegal in Mexico at the time, but Cubans still used slave labor. In a shipwreck in 1861, half of the crew and about 60 slaves drowned. The exact number of Mayan deaths is unknown, because, according to experts, they were listed as cargo in the documents.

“The people at the port saw the Maya being taken into slavery. They told their children about it, and those told their grandchildren. And one of them showed us the place where the ship sank, ”said archaeologist Helena Barbara Meinecke.