The youngest congresswoman in the United States announced the awakening of the country

The youngest U.S. congresswoman, Democrat Alexandria Okasio-Cortes, said the country has finally awakened due to the mass protests that take place on the streets of American cities after the death of black George Floyd, who died as a result of a brutal police detention. She told TMZ about this.

According to the politician, the events of the last month opened many eyes of the US to racism and police brutality, which they had not previously noticed. First of all, says Okasio-Cortes, this is the merit of those Americans who for several weeks go to rallies in their cities. Social media users who supported the protests on their pages also contributed.

As Congresswoman noted, thanks to many days of protest rallies, an increasing number of Americans began to pay attention to what they had not thought of before. In particular, clarified Okasio-Cortes, we are talking about too much funding for law enforcement agencies, which are allocated much more funds than, for example, in the health sector. The politician also emphasized that, most likely, the ongoing rallies will contribute to the growth of activity of the electorate in anticipation of the presidential elections scheduled for November 2020.

Since the end of May, mass protests have been held in dozens of US cities, accompanied by riots and clashes with police over the death of African-American George Floyd. In some states, they grew into riots with pogroms, robberies, shooting and arson.