There are elections again in the USA. They will determine who gets the Senate and how quickly America will change

No sooner had the current election campaign ended than a new one began. The majority is at stake in the Senate, the most important house of Congress. Now this is the main prize, and here’s why.

If the Democrats beat both the White House and the Senate away from the Republicans, they will hit the jackpot: Joe Biden will actually work in greenhouse conditions at the same time as Congress, where Democrats already control the House of Representatives. He will be able not only to repeal Donald Trump’s decrees, but also to change laws, without which it is impossible to change taxes or carry out health care reform.

But if they miss the chance and lose, then Biden the president will be tied hand and foot by the rebellious Senate.

Purely theoretically, there are still chances for the status quo (Republican Senate and President) and very minimal chances for a Democratic Senate and a Republican President.

Couldn’t you have chosen right away?

So they wanted. Everything had to be decided on November 3, when, along with the president, the Americans re-elected a third of the Senate and the entire House of Representatives. But the almost impossible happened: two places from the state of Georgia remained in the game.

Last night it became clear that their fate would be decided in January. As was the fate of the Senate majority.

We are monitoring the counting of votes in the US presidential election in real time

The fact is that in Georgia, unlike the overwhelming majority of American states, 50% plus one vote is required to win the Senate elections – otherwise a second round is appointed. And it was there that none of the candidates scored the required percentage.

Kelly Leffler failed to defend her seat in the Senate in the first round (26%) and went to the second against a Democrat

Now the second round in this state will take place on January 5 – two days after the beginning of the session of the renewed Senate.

So far, the Democrats have won only one seat in this election, and now they have 48 out of 100. Of course, the votes for senators from Alaska and North Carolina have not been counted to the end, but the Democrats have little chance there.

If they win both seats from Georgia in January, they will have 50-50 parity in the Senate with the Republicans. And if Democrat Biden is president, then his party will get the casting vote in an equal vote (and with him a majority).

However, this will not be easy. Georgia is traditionally a Republican state, although in these elections it has moved rather to the rank of vacillating due to changing demographics and growing urban population.

Both current Georgia senators are Republicans. One of them fell short of winning a fraction of a percent in the first round. In the battle for another seat, a Democrat came first, but won only 33% of the vote. The second and third places were taken by the Republicans with 26% and 20%.

Against Kelly, Democrats pitted Raphael Warnock, the pastor of the church where Martin Luther King once preached. Warnock came first with 33% of the vote

With the fate of the Senate majority at stake, one state election can be expected to turn into a national campaign.

Georgia is gearing up to experience the full power of the electoral war machines hardened by months of presidential campaign.

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