There are no COVID19 patients left in Cambodia, everyone has recovered

11 months ago

All patients with the new type of coronavirus in Cambodia since the beginning of the pandemic have recovered, the last patient checked out of the hospital.

“On Saturday, 16 May, out of 122 patients who have fallen ill since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic and were treated in hospitals in Cambodia, 122 recovered,” the Ministry of Health said…

As of Friday 15 May, only one patient with coronavirus remained in the country. Fatal cases of coronavirus infection have not been registered in Cambodia.

According to the Cambodian Ministry of Health, out of 122 patients treated in Cambodia, only 54 were citizens of the country, the rest – foreign nationals.

Despite the recovery of all those infected with COVID19 , restrictive measures against the spread of the infection in the country remain in place. In particular, consideration is being given to extending the operation of general education schools only online and on television until November 2020.

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