There is a new ocean on Earth

1 week ago

TV channel National Geographic, which is known for its broadcasts of popular science films, began to issue maps of the world since 1915.

They marked four oceans: the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian and Arctic. But now, from June 8, a fifth ocean, the Southern Ocean, will be put on the maps, according to the website of the channel.

There is a new ocean on Earth

National Geographic Society geographer Alex Tate said that scientists have long recognized the Southern Ocean, but it has never been officially recognized because there has never been an agreement at the international level.

Geographers debated whether the waters around Antarctica possessed enough unique characteristics to merit their own name, or whether they were simply cold southern extensions of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

The International Hydrographic Organization recognized the existence of the Southern Ocean as early as 1937, but that decision was reversed in 1953 due to pressure from the scientific community.
While other oceans are defined by the continents that enclose them, the Southern Ocean is defined by the current.According to scientists, the Antarctic Circumpolar Current emerged about 34 million years ago. It happened when Antarctica separated from South America. Thanks to this unimpeded flow of water began to go around the bottom of the Earth