There was a major fire in Los Angeles, with 11 rescuers injured

12 months ago

In the American city of Los Angeles, a major fire was put out as a result of a major explosion in a commercial building on Boyd Street. There were 11 rescuers injured, according to the city’s fire department on its website on Sunday, May 17.

The first fire in the central part of the metropolis was reported at 18.26 local time.

“The fire was extinguished almost two hours after the first report. Unfortunately, 11 firefighters received burns and other wounds”, – the report says.

More than 230 firefighters were fighting the fire. A medical unit also worked on the scene to assist the victims.

According to the NBC TV company, four firefighters’ victims are in the intensive care unit and the condition of three of them is assessed as critical.

It is also reported that the burned building contained oils intended for pharmacology.

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