There was a shooting at a funeral

City officials said several victims of the shootout were in critical condition

In Chicago, at least 14 people were injured in a shootout during a mourning ceremony. This was reported by NBC Chicago on Wednesday, July 22.

It is noted that an unknown man in a black car began shooting at the participants in the funeral, who returned fire.

“Unfortunately, it looks like it was planned, because when people were leaving the funeral home, shots rang out, as if he (the attacker) was literally waiting for this,” a witness said.

As a result of the shootout, at least 14 people were injured, all of them were hospitalized. Some of the victims are in critical condition, Chicago officials said.

“It sounded and sounded like a war zone with the wounded lying on the ground,” the city’s fire department said.

At least 11 shot in Auburn Gresham neighborhood says Chicago Fire Dept. Neighbors tell us it sounded and looked like a war zone with victims wounded on the ground after leaving a funeral near 79th & Morgan. @nbcchicago

— Patrick Fazio (@PatrickFazio) July 22, 2020

The police informed that at least 60 cartridges were found at the scene. They also managed to detain one suspect.

Earlier in Chicago, two people were killed and three were injured in the shooting. According to the police, an unknown person opened fire on a group of people in the Morgan Park area.

It was also reported that one person was killed and eight were injured in the shooting incident in Washington. The incident is suspected of three men who fled the scene.