There were clashes between Trump supporters and police in Washington

There were clashes between Trump supporters and police in Washington

Clashes between supporters of incumbent U.S. President Donald Trump and the police occurred in Washington on the eve of the approval by Congress of the election results.

According to calculations of the publication, hundreds of people gathered near the White House, many waving American flags. Right during the protest there was a lively sale of T-shirts and caps with the slogans “Stop the theft” and “Trump is my president.

Police detained six protesters for carrying firearms without a license and assaulting officers. The protests were a “prelude” to the main protests planned for Wednesday. Trump is expected to participate in them.

Earlier, Trump said thousands of people who oppose the victory of “left-leaning Democrats” in the presidential election have flooded into Washington. According to him, the citizens who arrived in the city will not allow President-elect Joe Biden and his supporters to “steal the victory” of the Republicans in the election. Trump noted that the people of the United States “will not stand for this anymore.”

On November 3, 2020, another presidential election was held in the United States. The vote count and proceedings are still ongoing. According to media estimates, Biden won the number of electoral votes necessary for victory, thus beating the incumbent U.S. leader Donald Trump. The Democrat has already declared himself the elected president of the United States. Trump, in turn, said that Biden rushed to call himself the new leader of the country.