They earn in the other world. Forbes named the richest deceased celebrities

Forbes magazine has published a rating of deceased celebrities, whose work still brings solid income to their heirs.

First place in the list for the eighth time in a row went to the king of pop music Michael Jackson. According to the rating of the publication, in 2020 the name of the musician managed to earn about 48 million dollars. It is specified that a significant contribution to the overall piggy bank made by Mijac Music label and a long-term deal with the company Sony. These two sources of income brought a total of 70% of all money.

The second place in the rating was occupied by the author of children’s books, Dr. Suze. The owners of the rights to his books managed to earn 33 million dollars. It should be noted that about six million copies were bought in America alone.

Charles Schultz closed the first three. He was the author of a comic book about Snoopy and made a deal with Apple TV+. Thanks to this, he left his descendants an income of 32.5 million dollars.

In addition, the magazine’s ranking includes such celebrities as Elvis Presley ($23 million), Kobe Bryant ($20 million), Bob Marley ($14 million), John Lennon ($13 million) and Freddy Mercury ($9 million).