They found a secret sensor in Apple gadgets

4 weeks ago

In the speaker HomePod from Apple found a hidden sensor for temperature and humidity.

The company does not disclose the features of the device, the secret component of the smart speaker was not previously reported. Specialists iFixit, which at the request of Bloomberg disassembled the device, confirmed the presence of the sensor. It has dimensions of 1.5 by 1.5 millimeters and is relatively far from the other components of the device. According to experts, this suggests that the sensor is needed to measure the climatic conditions in the room, but not to take temperature readings inside the speaker.

The detail has also been studied by TechInsights, which stated that the component was manufactured by Texas Instruments Inc. and is a digital climate sensor. Such a part is found in smart home devices, it is needed to take readings and control other home devices. For example, one of the scenarios for the device is to turn on the air conditioner when a certain temperature is reached.

Sources at Apple said the company is discussing deep integration of the smart speakers into the smart home system. The company has a HomeKit protocol that allows you to organize the operation of smart light bulbs, thermostats, fans, security cameras and other gadgets. However, all smart home devices are made by Apple’s partners and their number is limited.

Bloomberg journalists noticed that this is not the first time when it becomes known about a hidden feature of one or another Apple’s gadget. For example, in 2008, the company launched iPod touch with Bluetooth, but only a year later activated this component to work with wireless audio equipment.

That said, the HomePod specifically, in which the climate sensor was discovered, cannot be considered a successful Apple product. Earlier, the company withdrew the original smart speaker from sale, leaving only its compact version HomePod Mini.

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