10 months ago

They want to send space tourists in a balloon

10 months ago

A private company wants to start sending space tourists from the center of Kennedy – not in rockets, but in a balloon.

A pair of startups, best known for flying to space with a KFC chicken sandwich and living in the biosphere for two years, are trying to create a new flight company that, instead of launching rockets, will lift people into orbit using a balloon. The project is called Space Perspective.

The balloon and the capsule will rise smoothly for about two hours at a speed of 12 miles per hour, then another 2 hours tourists will fly in space and look at the Earth below, and then the device will lower them back into the Gulf of Mexico.

The company will base its activities in the center of them. Kennedy and Cecil Cosmodrome in Jacksonville. The cost of a ticket on such a flight will cost $ 125,000.

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