Third African American found hanging from a tree

10 months ago

Another African American is found hanging from a tree – now in Houston. The FBI has included this incident with the previous two.

The bureau is already studying the death of two black men. Robert Fuller and Malcolm Harsch, whose bodies were found hanging on trees in two California cities at a distance of about 50 miles from each other. Now another case of this kind has come to light – the man whom the Houston police chief called “a black Hispanic” was found hanging from a tree in the Shady Acres area of ​​Texas. Death was described by the Houston Police Department as “apparent suicide.”

“Detectives are investigating the apparent suicide of an adult Hispanic man who was found at around 9:05 a.m. in quarter 2500. There are no signs of murder. Investigators are waiting for the autopsy results from the Harris County Coroner, ”the Texas police said in a statement.

The deaths of Fuller and Hirsch are also considered suicide, but under pressure from FBI activists they are working out a version of the murder through lynching.

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