“This is a step towards the end of the world.” What will follow the US withdrawal from START-3

According to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, the White House, apparently, finally decided not to renew the strategic offensive arms reduction treaty START-3. This is the last document limiting the military power of two nuclear powers. What threatens the world with the collapse of the international security system.

Include China

In an interview with reporters, the Foreign Minister stressed that it is not necessary to give in to panic due to the non-renewal of START-3 – Russia is capable of guaranteed security for itself even without it. Nevertheless, this agreement was very important. START-3 was concluded by the Presidents of Russia and the USA Dmitry Medvedev and Barack Obama on April 8, 2010. The document entered into force in February 2011, and expires in 2021.

The agreement provided for the reduction of nuclear warheads in the arsenals of Russia and the United States to 1,550 units, intercontinental ballistic missiles, ballistic missiles of submarines and heavy bombers – to 700 units. START-3 was signed exactly one year after the end of START-1. And if in the first half of the tenths few people doubted its extension, then with the arrival of Donald Trump in the White House, the situation changed dramatically.

One of the main conditions for the continued existence of START-3, the American leader called China’s participation in it. Fu Zong, director of the arms control department of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, explained that this is possible only in two cases: if China builds up its nuclear arsenals to the level of the United States or if Washington reduces its capacity. Other options for Beijing are unacceptable, as they do not take into account the enormous difference in strategic potentials.

Another condition put forward by Washington does not suit Moscow. In early July, the US President’s Special Envoy for Arms Control Marshal Billingsley called the Petrel missiles and Poseidon drones “terrible” and called for their closure, since they do not fall under START-3 restrictions. The Americans had previously insisted on limiting the latest Russian weapons, including the Zircon non-nuclear hypersonic anti-ship missiles.
“This only indicates that the United States has no leverage to maintain world leadership, with the exception of nuclear blackmail,” explains Konstantin Sivkov, doctor of military sciences at RIA Novosti. for example, due to hypersound) – from Russia. Therefore, they strive to persuade us to abandon advanced developments. We should not fall for this trick. “