This year Americans decorate Christmas trees earlier than usual

This year Americans decorate Christmas trees earlier than usual

The sales boom of Christmas trees in the U.S. – this year people used to decorate their homes for the holidays.

The business of Pete Hyde, owner of Christmas trees, is booming. Every year he launches a pop-up site where he sells the trees he grows. This year, despite the need for social distance and closure of stores, he has already sold almost a third more trees than usual at this point in the season.

And the producers of Christmas trees all over the UK and America say that they have a great year. “This year, everyone is more than ever set for a fantastic Christmas. And people buy Christmas trees earlier than usual, many customers have decided to put a real tree at home for the first time,” says Pete.

Manufacturers say wholesale sales to retailers are already 24 percent higher than at this time last year. York Christmas Trees has sold more trees than usual to both wholesalers and retailers.

Fewer people go abroad, and instead of large family gatherings, there are many more small meetings. And more and more people want the smell of nature and the feeling that this year they are doing something “authentic” – that’s the reason for the boom on real trees in 2020.