Those who work from home will have to pay more taxes

Great changes are taking place in the area of employment. Some people will be glad, others less.

Working from home is a privilege worth paying more for, according to a Deutsche Bank economists’ report that caused a stir among Americans. Researchers argue that additional taxation of workers from home should be part of the “new norm” after the pandemic has passed. Remote workers should pay additional tax to support the economy as a whole and those who cannot work from home, analysts say.

“For many years we needed a tax on remote workers – COVID-19 made this clear. Simply put, our economic system is not set up to deal with people who can disconnect from personal communication,” the report says.

The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 has certainly accelerated the trend towards home-based work, as governments order workers to stay where they can. When the bans stop, it is unlikely that any return to the office will be complete for everyone.

Economists argue for relatively modest tax – perhaps $10 a day – that a remote worker or employer should pay if they do not provide employees with an office.

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