Thousands of National Guardsmen to stay in Washington because of danger of unrest

Thousands of National Guardsmen to stay in Washington because of danger of unrest

Five thousand U.S. National Guardsmen will stay in Washington until mid-March, because authorities fear new unrest amid impeachment and the planned address of President Joe Biden to Congress.

Earlier, 15,000 National Guardsmen were moved to the American capital to protect the Capitol. “As we continue to work to meet the final post-inauguration requirements, the National Guard has been asked to continue supporting federal law enforcement with seven thousand fighters and will be reduced to five thousand by mid-March,” the National Guard said.

The National Guardsmen are tasked with security, communications, medical evacuation, and “logistical security support.”

However, a Fox News official source said the troops would remain in Washington because of intelligence reports of future demonstrations and threats.

Earlier it was reported that the five thousand National Guardsmen guarding the Capitol were evicted to a cold parking lot with one shower. Politicians stepped in for the National Guardsmen and were allowed to return to the Capitol. The National Guard Bureau said the military was sent to the parking lot because of a congressional meeting, a temporary measure.

Before the inauguration, the FBI screened all 25,000 National Guardsmen who were to guard Washington during the event. The screening was due to the authorities’ concerns that some of those assigned to protect the American capital might themselves pose a threat to the future president and other high-ranking participants in the event.