Thousands of people queue in the USA to get to Disneyland (video)

Disneyland Resort resumed operations in California on July 9. Thousands of people stand in line every day to get to the amusement park, which was closed for four months due to coronavirus.

The video, where thousands of visitors per day queue to enter the park, was published on the Walt Disney Company’s Twitter page.

In Florida (USA) Disneyland will open on Saturday, July 11th.

Next in line will be Disneyland in Paris – July 15th.

For starters, Disneyland will only open some parts of the park, as well as a limited number of attractions.

Visitors are asked to wear face masks and maintain social distance.

Disney explained that it had decided to open parks in order to reduce downtime losses during quarantine.

It is worth noting that last year, 12 Disneyland parks around the world brought the company $ 26 billion in revenue. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, revenue fell 90%, compared with the same period last year.