Thousands of starfish cast ashore in North Carolina

On Monday, at low tide, thousands of tiny starfishes washed ashore near Garden City Beach and Surfside (North Carolina)

Witnesses of the amazing spectacle were local residents, many of whom captured echinoderms on camera. According to experts, this species is called Luidia clathrata – and it is often washed ashore by strong waves.

Starfish galore today in Garden City and Surfside! Heather Hyde saw quite a few in Garden City and after taking this…

Posted by Ed Piotrowski WPDE on Saturday, June 27, 2020

“We find more and more sea creatures on land when the water gets warmer,” said Ann Malice Wilson of Myrtle Beach State Park. She added that anyone who sees a starfish on the beach should take it back to the water, however, be careful not to break the fragile rays.