Three friends are mysteriously killed on a fishing boat

Three friends were found killed while fishing in Florida. Police are still looking for suspects in this mystery case.

Central Florida authorities are looking for answers after three friends were brutally murdered on a local lake Friday night. Minutes before his death, one of the victims was able to call his father and report the attack, the Polk County Sheriff’s office said.

The sheriff said the three close friends went to catch catfish near Frostproof, Florida. They were all found dead aboard a fishing boat. The victims of the murder were 23-year-old Damion Tillman (Damion Tillman), 30-year-old Kevin Springfield (Keven Springfield) and 27-year-old Brandon Rollins.

It was Rollins who called his father around 10 p.m. “When he arrived, he found that his son Brandon was barely alive, and two of his friends were dead,” the sheriff said in a statement. The guy managed to tell his father something important that has not yet been disclosed.

For the capture of the killer, the state will give a reward of 5 thousand dollars.