Three members of the same family washed away into the ocean

10 months ago

Three members of the same family died after being washed away by a wave in the ocean near the American city of Malibu, California. On Friday, June 26, according to the Daily Mail.

According to emergency services, the incident occurred on Thursday, June 25, at around 16:40 local time. Rescuers who arrived at the site managed to quickly catch the injured from the water. However, they received injuries incompatible with life, and after 20 minutes, doctors stated the death of three people. The nature of the injuries is not specified.

According to the publication, earlier in a number of media it was reported that all the victims were men, but the rescuers did not confirm this information. At the moment, the identity of the victims has not yet been established, the circumstances of the incident are being clarified.

In January, it was reported that a powerful wave washed away a tourist from China, photographed on the shores of the Indonesian island of Nusa Lembongan, into the ocean. The 21-year-old traveler fell into the water, but none of the eyewitnesses dared to help her. As a result, the girl died.

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