10 months ago

TikTok enters the education market

10 months ago

The social network TikTok has announced plans to attract hundreds of experts and institutions for the production of educational content

This was reported in the material of the British BBC service.

It is noted that charities and universities will pay for the creation of content for the social network.

Currently, TikTok has been downloaded to different platforms for more than two billion times. The application allows you to create videos with background music up to 15 seconds long.

According to Rich Waterworth, General Manager of the social network in Europe, the company noticed users’ interest in training videos, and the hashtag #LearnOnTikTok gained more than 7 billion views.

“In the future, LearnOnTikTok is what we invest in partners and content creators with a wide range of professional content. We think that it concerns the use of TikTok’s learning opportunities: effects, sound, transitions, instruments that make it so exciting and fun that people enjoy learning, ”he said.

According to Martin Jeffries, the manager of social media in the organization managing more than 400 historical places of Great Britain, TikTok has access to a young audience, and therefore makes it possible to study various types of content.

In turn, the senior lecturer at the University of Sunderland, Elizabeth Hidson, noted that the application creates short-length content that matches the already existing trend in online learning.

“Most of us are familiar with the idea of ​​searching the Internet for instructional videos. This learning idea has already proven itself in online education — we call it micro-learning, ”she explained.

Earlier it became known that Zoom does not provide end-to-end encryption of video calls. In addition, the Zoom platform was sued due to the hidden distribution of personal data.

Google has banned its employees on their gadgets from using the popular Zoom video-conferencing application.

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