TikTok introduces restrictions for teenagers

TikTok introduces restrictions for teenagers

Service for creating short videos TikTok updated the privacy settings for users aged 13 to 15 years. Their accounts will automatically become private, the company said.

The platform specified that it does its best to create a friendly and safe atmosphere and also encourages a conscious approach to publishing.

Thus, only approved users will be able to watch videos published in private accounts. Besides, from now on users under 16 years old will be able to choose who can comment on the posted videos. You can completely disable comments.

Another innovation – the ban on duets with the videos of users under 16 years old. Those between 16 and 17 are only allowed to do duets with those who are friends.

Among other things, TikTok users can no longer download videos of users over the age of 16. Those from 16 to 17 also will not be able to download videos, but teenagers in this group will be able to enable this feature if they want.

Earlier it was reported that TikTok has expanded parental control functions. In particular, adults have been given the ability to restrict who interacts with a child’s account.