TikTok Is Banning  Accounts For No Reason, But Why?

Anxious TikTok customers have taken the matter to Twitter to tell the world that the account for video sharing has banned their accounts for no reason. They’re confused because the majority of the users who have been banned do not use the platform in any way. If you’re among the users who are unsure the reasons behind why TikTok has banned accounts without reason, we’ve given you the complete picture. Below , we’ve provided all the details available on the problem.

It’s not unusual for social media applications to remove accounts if they are found to be violating guidelines. It is vital for developers to ensure that the social media platforms secure for everyone.

Every social media site comes with its own set of guidelines, which all users are required to adhere to. These guidelines are vital to ensure that the platforms are secure for users of all ages.

The most significant concerns in these community guidelines include the use of hate speech child abuse, animal cruelty and harassment, as well as nudity and more. Users are required to ensure not to share material that goes beyond the boundaries of the guidelines for community members.

However, a handful of TikTok users are complaining that they have been banned from the site because they have done nothing. They’ve been pounding Twitter with complaints. Here we explain the reasons TikTok has banned accounts for no reason, and the reactions of users towards this unfair decision.

Why Is TikTok Banning Accounts For Absolutely No Reason?

It’s not common for TikTok to remove accounts from its service without a reason. The video-sharing application typically blocks accounts that fail to comply with the guidelines of the community. There are certain guidelines regarding minor safety, dangerous acts and threats such as bullying, nakedness or sexy behavior, and numerous other things. The user must adhere to all these rules if they do not wish to be exiled.

Recently, however users took the matter to Twitter to say that TikTok has banned their account with no reason.

They’ve received an error message stating that the account has been suspended. The notice reads “Your account has been permanently blocked because of multiple infractions of the guidelines for community members. Guidelines”.

In the event of trying to log into their accounts Users are getting the message “Your account is currently suspended”. After that the user is unable to log in to their accounts.

A majority of users who have reported this issue have stated that they do not post or make comments to the site. The app is used to watch videos and are currently disappointed with the app.

The majority of users who have reported this issue originate in this region of the United States. Here is how Twitter users have responded to the issue on Twitter:

One user wrote “I was banned on TikTok without reason. I don’t even use the site to post.”

Another user said, “So my TikTok got removed for no reason. I abide by the rules that I posted, and it was Animal crossings or my artwork. I tried to log on through the internet, and it stated “it’s suspended”.

“Did anyone else removed permanently from TikTok? I don’t post I only watch videos” I wrote one.

“My TikTok account was banned without reason. Can anyone help me resolve this? ?” someone else reported.

TikTok Account Banned For No Reason

The majority of users have mentioned TikTok Support within their Tweets however TikTok hasn’t responded in any way to their inquiries as of yet. Additionally, the application hasn’t released any official announcement to speak about the problem. For now it’s unclear if it’s a glitch or if the TikTok app has blocked the app intentionally.

We’ve reached out to TikTok support about the problem, but haven’t received a response. We will update this post when we receive an answer by the customer support department.

The only thing you have to do is file an appeal to the unfair exclusion of your account. In order to do this you’ll need to follow the steps below:

  • Look for the email notification you received in your email.
  • Click on the “Submit Appeal option.
  • Follow the directions to fill out and submit the appeal.
  • TikTok will look into an appeal, and you will have your account reinstated If you’ve not committed a violation of any TikTok laws.

The Last Words

All we have is information on the reason TikTok has banned accounts without reason. We hope that the app can address the issues soon.

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