Tim Kirby: Putin should be on his guard because of the Biden trap

U.S. President Joseph Biden has set a trap for Russian President Vladimir Putin by showing his supposedly good intentions, journalist Tim Kirby writes. Therefore, the Russian leader should be on his guard. “Mr. Putin, this is a trap. Same old trap,” notes the American.

The relationship between Russia and the U.S. is different now than it was during the Cold War, with greater intensity. Russia should be suspicious of U.S. “peace” initiatives.

Tim Kirby: Putin should be on his guard because of the Biden trap

“…Can we really expect any optimism from the Russian side just because Biden kind of backed off a bit on the Nord Stream 2 story?” asks Kirby. The goals of Russia and the U.S. are diametrically opposed: Russia is trying to take its place as one of the leading powers in a changing world, while the U.S. wants to preserve its monopoly of power.

The U.S. will not go along with Russia. There are issues on which they will not agree, such as the recognition of Crimea as Russian. The Americans fear that they will set a dangerous precedent, and Russia will take full advantage of it. Nor will they be able to mitigate the scandal about Russian interference in the election, which has already become part of the Democrats’ narrative. No agreement on lifting the sanctions will be possible either: the Americans do not want to back down here, and Russia is taking advantage of the isolation that has arisen.

The Russians can’t buy into Washington’s false kindness. “Russians believe that people who smile too often are pathetic, stupid, and generally harmless. American politicians have managed to intuitively take advantage of this and have seemed naïve gullible fools during negotiations for decades,” the author noted.