Time Magazine named the worst year in the history of mankind

Time Magazine named the worst year in the history of mankind

In the cover story, film critic Stephanie Zaharek noted that there have been more difficult years in U.S. history, but most of the current residents have hardly ever faced a crisis similar to what this year has presented.

The American magazine Time called 2020 the worst year in history and placed the crossed out figure 2020 on the cover.

“You must be over 100 years old to remember the events of World War I and the flu pandemic of 1918; about 90 years old to be aware of the hardships caused by the Great Depression; and 80 years old to remember the Second World War and its horrors,” writes Zaharek.

The reporter cited natural disasters and environmental problems, problematic U.S. presidential elections, and the Coronavirus Pandemic, which “changed the lives of virtually all people on the planet and killed an estimated 1.5 million people worldwide, as the main sources of hardship in 2020.

“If 2020 were an anti-utopia film, you would most likely turn it off in 20 minutes,” the article stresses.

The film critic noted that what was happening was not at all like creepy, but fascinating works about the end of the world. “This year was not just an excruciating one, what was happening was madly ordinary, and the routine turned against us,” she writes.