Tips to combat scratches on your smartphone

Tips to combat scratches on your smartphone

Screen smartphone can be scratched with fine dust and jewelry.

The authors noted that it is possible to scratch the protective glass of the smartphone in the case, if the owner is used to put it with the screen down. Then the front surface of the device will be in contact with small fractions of dust and sand, which are present everywhere. “Sand will always be found also in dirty pockets or bags,” the journalists specified. Experts called cases-booklets and similar accessories also undesirable, as they can literally press sand grains into the display.

Displays with a curved screen, as a rule, are more likely to break because of the complex construction of the device. Damage to the display can be caused by dropping the device on a hard surface. Despite the abundance of protective films, the best remedy against scratches on the screen of the device is directly hardened glass unit.

According to the Mohs scale, which has been used since the beginning of the XIX century, the relative hardness of a smartphone’s tempered glass is 6-6.5 points. For comparison, a stainless steel knife blade has a hardness of 5.5 points, an alloy coin – 3 points, a diamond or sapphire watch glass – 10 points. Therefore, it is virtually impossible to damage the screen with cutting objects and coins, which is not the case with jewelry.

After purchasing a smartphone, the first thing that suffers is the oleophobic coating of the screen, which is designed to allow your fingers to glide more smoothly over the surface of the display. Therefore, after the purchase of the device, scratches can form on the screen. Experts have noted that these are signs of damage to the oleophobic coating, but not directly to the screen.

The journalists summarized that the most important indicator of the protective glass of any smartphone is the balance between hardness and durability. The authors believe that hard glass does not mean durable: “The larger the area of the thin glass plate, the easier it is to break.