Tokyo Open 2022 Tennis Match : Casper Ruud vs. Jaume Munar, Who Will Win?

Can Casper Ruud get the win? Can Jaume Munar be able to pull off the surprise? It’s going to be a thrilling one, in which the top seed faces the most difficult first round opponent. Who will prevail and get into round 16 of the Tokyo Open in 2022? Tokyo Open?

Casper Ruud just suffered a bizarre losing match to Yoshihito Nishioka. While it was strange, Ruud was likely very exhausted from the dramatic shift in time to London in the UK to Korea. Jaume Munar is a tough draw for the opening round, but given Ruud’s level and ranking of play, he’s a top choice to win this round. Munar is having a good season and I could imagine him making a modest challenge in this round, but ultimately, Ruud is likely to victory to earn himself into round 16 of Tokyo Open in 2022. Tokyo Open.

Jaume Munar has had a fantastic season and getting the upset isn’t the most insane thing I can imagine happening However, it’s certainly impossible to imagine. Ruud is tough and I don’t think his first appearance in Korea to affect him too much. let’s see if he’s able to come together to take on Jaume Munar in the tough first round draw, and earn himself a place in the final sixteen at the 2022 Tokyo Open.

Casper Ruud and Jaume Munar have already met twice, with Casper Ruud winning the head-to-head by 2-0. While Ruud may be enjoying a comfortable lead in their head-to-head match according to the numbers, it doesn’t mean that he is ignoring the task ahead. Their last meeting was during the season at Gstaad and Ruud required two tiebreakers to prevail in that one. Although I’m expecting to see a little bit of a fight but Ruud, the World No. 3 is most likely to take advantage of the title and continue to the 2022 Tokyo Open.

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