Tom Cruise refused the Golden Globes in protest

2 weeks ago

American actor Tom Cruise has returned his Golden Globe Film Awards, which are awarded by the Association of Foreign Journalists. He was outraged by the lack of diversity in the jury of representatives of American society. It was reported by CNN on May 10, citing sources close to the actor.

The network noted that the actor won the “Golden Globe” three times in his career: in 1990 for his role in “Born on the Fourth of July,” in 1997 for his role in “Jerry Maguire” and in 2000 Cruz won the award for best supporting actor in the film “Magnolia.

Tom Cruise refused the Golden Globes in protest

Earlier Monday, NBC, which has traditionally televised the Golden Globe Awards, said it would not do so next year because the jury did not adequately reflect the diversity of American society. The network, however, said it would be willing to broadcast in 2023 if changes were made to the jury’s composition.

In February, the Los Angeles Times reported a complete absence of blacks from the awards jury, which consists of 87 journalists. Organizers promised to correct that omission and “make the necessary changes” both within the organization and “in the industry as a whole.”

In the same month, the organizers of the Golden Globe Awards were accused of corruption. The media published an investigation into the financial schemes of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. According to the publication, 87 participants received too large payments by the standards of a non-profit organization.

The annual award “Golden Globe” is second in prestige only to “Oscar” in the United States. The award is presented according to the results of the past year in more than two dozen categories covering film and television. The award was established by foreign journalists in October 1943, and the first award ceremony was held in January 1944.