Top 10 the right foods to cool off in the heat

The long-awaited summer has finally arrived in all its glory – first with thunderstorms and downpours, replaced now by extreme heat. And this applies not only to residents of warm and southern countries, but also to residents of temperate zones, who have recently faced abnormally high temperatures.

So how can you enjoy your summer and vacation and avoid harming your health in such conditions? First of all, to avoid overheating and dehydration of the body. And we offer you a list of products that will safely survive the summer heat.


Peppermint essential oil is one of the best oils in the heat: it cools the digestive fire. A perennial herbaceous plant, peppermint has the ability to cool the body. Fresh mint leaves would complement natural lemonade or a fresh fruit salad, Elle writes.


Fresh cucumber quenches thirst and cools. It acts as an antioxidant, especially when ingested with fried foods. Nutritionists recommend making lemonade based on water, cucumber slices and lemon in the heat – it will cool and instantly quench thirst.


Zucchinis, especially when they are young, can be called a natural cure without exaggeration. Their flesh contains not only protein and carbohydrates, but also carotene, ascorbic acid, B vitamins, pectin, mineral salts of magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron. In the heat they replenish the composition of trace elements and, thanks to their high water content, they are quickly digested.


The minimal caloric content of asparagus and high fiber content make the product an excellent ingredient in hot weather, which allows you to make the diet lighter and relieve the body. The main secret to cooking delicious asparagus is not to overcook the product on the heat, the desired degree of “al dente” is achieved in just a couple of minutes.


Depending on the variety, kiwi can weigh from 50 to 150 grams, with most of it being water (about 84%). In addition, the fruit is famous for its high vitamin C content, which is why French women consider it the main product for skin beauty. In hot weather, kiwi is excellent for restoring water balance and increasing resistance to UV rays.

Coconut water.

Coconut water is a miracle drink that replenishes the body’s water balance. It is very refreshing and contains healthy carbohydrates, electrolytes and minerals, preserved in their natural form and under the most sterile conditions. It is a natural isotonic drink where electrolyte levels are the same as in the human body. Coconut water, obtained directly from the young coconut, is most useful.


The high content of vitamin C in lime makes it indispensable in dietary and therapeutic nutrition, as ascorbic acid neutralizes harmful cholesterol, dissolves fats and removes them from the body, strengthens immunity and accelerates recovery from colds, which is a frequent occurrence due to the air conditioning season. Lime-based chilled drinks help replenish micronutrient and water balance.


Surprisingly, a product like watermelon is inferior to the above in its water content – 92% here. It is a source of easily digestible sucrose and fructose, pectins, organic elements and acids, and vitamins. Watermelon has diuretic, choleretic, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, laxative and restorative properties. Normalizes metabolic processes, increases intestinal peristalsis.


In the season of garden greens, experts on healthy nutrition recommend to load up on sorrel, as the use of this leafy vegetable very effectively supports the heart and blood vessels – organs, especially severely affected by the heat. Doctors say that sorrel protects blood vessels from dangerous cholesterol deposits.

Green Buckwheat.

In the heat, many people suffer from impaired sleep, which is why nutritionists recommend introducing green buckwheat into your diet. Thanks to its high iron content, it strengthens the nervous system, which has a favorable effect on sleep and the psycho-emotional state.