Tracking TD9 With Hot Friday

Hurricane Fiona is more than 500 miles to the south to Halifax Nova Scotia with 130mph winds. The storm is moving toward the northeast at 35mph. Fiona could remain north or northeast, and then reduce speed through Sunday. The central part of Fiona is now just to the west and north of Bermuda. It is expected to approach Nova Scotia later today, then move across Nova Scotia and into the Gulf of St. Lawrence on Saturday, and then cross Labrador and across to the Labrador Sea on Sunday. 

Fiona is predicted to be a huge and powerful post-tropical storm with hurricane-force winds as it approaches and crosses Nova Scotia tonight and Saturday.Tropical Depression 9 is forming within the Caribbean. It is likely to turn into a named tropical storm later in the day and will be threat to those on the Gulf Coast next week. It’s located more than 500 miles east-southeast from Kingston Jamaica. Lower-level winds are currently hindering growth, however this is only for a short time. 

The climate is expected to improve gradually and a tropical storm is expected to develop. It’s moving west-northwest around 14mph. A further turn to the west is likely to occur in the coming day or two and then a return towards the northwest and west this weekend. It could turn into one.

Tropical Storm Gaston is a very powerful storm and is located over 100 miles to the north and northwest from Faial Island in the Central Azores with speeds of 60mph. There is a gradual decrease in strength in the coming days. Gaston is moving east at around 7mph.

A slower southeastward direction is anticipated today , which will be followed by a southwesterly and then a southwestward movement later tonight and in the early hours of Saturday. The central portion of Gaston is expected to move close or over a portion of the Azores from today until early Saturday.

A vast region of low pressure about a hundred miles to the to the west of Cabo Verde Island continues to generate unpredictable thunderstorms and showers. Despite the bleak environmental conditions, a slow growth of this system is likely in the coming days as it moves northward or northwards over the tropical central Atlantic. There is a slim chance of becoming an tropical system.

Tropical Depression 10 has formed between the Cabo Verde Islands and the west coast of Africa. Conditions in the atmosphere are generally favorable for further development . A tropical storm is likely to form over the next few days as it is moving northward.

A cold front crossed SELA early this morning. and now a ridge of higher pressure is moving over the southeast United States bringing sunshine, low chances of rain and higher than average temperatures until the weekend.

Friday: Look forward to a sunny and hot day, with the possibility of a little rain along the coast and temperatures of the low to mid 90s. Tropical Depression 9 will likely turn into an a tropical storm later in the day.

Saturday: A bright and hot day, with a mild breeze, a possibility of an isolated afternoon shower and temperatures of the upper 80s to the low 90s.

Sunday: It’s a mostly hot and sunny day, with a gentle breeze, 10% to 20% probability of rain, and temperatures of the upper 80s to the low 90s.

Monday: Partly cloudy and hot day , with light breeze, a 20-30% chance of rain, and temperatures in the low mid 90s.

Tuesday: It’s a mostly sunny and pleasant day with a slight breeze with no rain, and afternoon temperatures that range from the 80s to the low 90s.

Wednesday: A bright and warm day, with no rain, and temperatures for the afternoon in the mid – to upper 80s.

Thursday: A bright day that is warm and breezy without rain and with afternoon temperatures reaching the mid 80s.

Friday: A bright day, breezy and warm without rain and with afternoon temperatures of the low to mid 80s.

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