Tragedy in Miami: collapsed house blown up overnight

Rescuers blew up the surviving portion of a multi-story house in Florida that had earlier collapsed. Authorities believe it will help continue the search for victims.

According to the latest data, 24 people were killed under the debris of the 12-story building. The number of missing from the tragedy is 124 people.

With the house blown up and finally destroyed, rescue teams will be able to access new areas of the rubble, and possibly find some more of the victims.

On Sunday, July 4, several explosions sounded in the evening and then the building began to fall, raising huge clouds of dust in the surrounding area.

Rescue crews are to begin clearing debris to reach the underground garage. They speculate that there may be voids in the rubble where survivors could have taken refuge.

Video of the explosion was posted on Twitter by journalist Manuel Bojorquez. “The remainder of Champlain Towers in Surfside, Florida, has been demolished – another sad chapter for survivors and their families. Officials say the building puts search and rescue teams at risk, and it will allow them to explore more areas,” the reporter wrote.

Recall, the collapse of a 12-story apartment building in Surfside, Florida, occurred on the night of June 24. Authorities have not yet determined the cause of the collapse.