Truck driver knocks down 12 bikers from Thin Blue Line police club

As a result of the accident in Texas, 12 members of the Thin Blue Line motorcycle club were injured, three were killed. The truck driver who hit the bikers is arrested on manslaughter charges.

Twelve members of a police motorcycle club were injured in a head-on collision with a truck on a Texas highway. Initial data from the investigation show that the man driving the car was drunk – he hit motorcyclists while crossing lanes.

The Kerr County Sheriff’s Office reports that the biker group rode out Saturday afternoon for a stroll on the club’s birthday. They were walking leisurely on Highway 16 south of Kerrville when a drunk driver, 28-year-old Ivan Robles Navejas from Central Point, Texas, flew out to meet them.

The dead bikers are Joseph Paglia and Michael White of Chicago and Jerry Wayne Harbor of Hoution. Paglia was president of the club’s Chicago branch and a former Niles City police officer. Several more wounded remain in intensive care in serious condition.