Trudeau warned young people about the dangers of COVID-19

The Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, issued a warning to young Canadians urging them to take the pandemic more seriously.

On Tuesday, he said the information about the effectiveness of vaccines is encouraging, but “the vaccine will protect only after injection, so everyone should try to take the second wave of coronavirus under control.

He singled out young people in particular. “I know the virus may not seem as dangerous to young people as it does to your grandparents, but this disease can be very serious for you too, can lead to lung and heart problems and can cost you your life,” he said. According to the Prime Minister, people should understand the full extent of the situation.

He added that it is important to follow the general rules from the Ministry of Health – wash hands, keep the distance and wear a mask.

On Monday, the country passed the milestone of 300 thousand registered COVID-19 cases since the beginning of the pandemic.