10 months ago

Trump about Bolton: resentful boring fool and boob

10 months ago

United States President Donald Trump accused former National Security Assistant John Bolton of lying and sharing fictitious stories.

Thus, the head of the White House commented on the memoirs of the ex-adviser on his Twitter.

“The book of this crazy John Bolton is extremely boring and consists of lies and fictional stories. Until I fired him, he only spoke good things about me in the press. Offended boring fool who wanted only one thing – to make war,” Trump said.

According to him, Bolton did not understand anything, was ostracized and “was happily fired.”

On Wednesday, a number of media published excerpts from Bolton’s book, entitled “The Room Where It Happened: The White House Memoirs.” Its full publication is expected on June 23. Bolton claims that Trump in 2019 asked Chinese President Xi Jinping to help him with his re-election as president.

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