Trump about Bolton’s book: Wants to recoup for dismissal

11 months ago

According to the head of the White House, his former national security adviser is trying to avenge with his memoirs that he was fired as a “sick puppy”

US President Donald Trump said the memoirs of his former national security adviser John Bolton are a collection of lies and fictitious stories. According to the head of the White House, with his book, Bolton is trying to recoup for being fired as a “sick puppy.”

He wrote about this on Twitter.

“Bolton’s book, which receives terrible reviews, is a combination of lies and fictional stories, intended only to put me in a bad light. Many of the ridiculous allegations attributed to me have never been voiced, pure fiction,” Trump wrote.

He also considered that, with the help of his memoirs, Bolton was trying to recoup on him for being fired as a “sick puppy.”

In his other communications, Trump called Bolton “crazy” and stated that it was he who thwarted the process of negotiations with North Korea, which did not agree to get rid of nuclear weapons.

Recall that in his memoirs, Bolton claims that Donald Trump suspended military assistance to Ukraine in order to obtain incriminating evidence against his political rivals.

Trump fired his national security adviser, Bolton, on September 10, 2019 due to growing disagreements over a wide range of foreign policy issues. The very next day, it became known that Bolton concluded an agreement on the writing and publication of memoirs.

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