Trump abruptly changed the head of the election campaign. Why?

US President Donald Trump announced the replacement of the head of his campaign on social media, and the news shocked even his employees.

President Trump is downgrading campaign manager Brad Parscale, shocking everyone working for him during the election, Fox News sources say. Trump has appointed Bill Stepien to head the campaign to replace Parscale. Stepien served as deputy head of the campaign.

Parscale, who led Trump’s digital operations in 2016 and was named Trump’s right-hand man in the 2020 race, is expected to return to his previous role. Two senior campaign officials told Fox News that he will serve as a senior advisor, fully focusing on digital campaign work and data collection.

Sources familiar with the situation note that recently Parscale has begun to lose influence, and other campaigners have strengthened their positions, so Trump has decided on personnel changes.