Trump accused Obama of weakness before Russia

11 months ago

US President Donald Trump believes that Washington at one time insisted on the exclusion of Russia from the “Group of Eight” (G8) for the reason that Moscow almost completely outplayed former US President Barack Obama in the foreign policy arena. The American leader wrote about this on Sunday, June 28, on his Twitter.

Thus, the owner of the White House appreciated the calls of his main rival in the election race of Joseph Biden not to invite Russia to join the “group of seven” (G7).

“It’s funny to see the corrupt Joe Biden reading out a statement on Russia, which was obviously written by his assistants. Russia completely outplayed him and Obama when they were in power, outplayed so much that Obama wanted to make sure that they were not in the G8, bearing at that moment such a name. The US was inferior in everything, but Russia was the weakest spot, ”Trump wrote.

Earlier in the day, Biden, in a teleconference, condemned his opponent’s offer to invite Russia to the G7 summit. He also said that the American leader had betrayed the military due to an article by The New York Times, which Russia was accused of in connection with the radical Taliban movement (an organization banned in the Russian Federation).

On June 3, the head of the US White House announced that the presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting of the G-7 countries requires common sense. According to him, Russia’s participation will facilitate the solution of many problems.

The US president decided to postpone the G-7 summit from the end of June to September, and also expressed his desire to invite Russia, India, South Korea and Australia to it. According to Trump, in the current composition of the G7 does not represent the whole world, making the format obsolete.

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