Trump accuses mainstream media of hushing up compromising evidence on Biden

Donald Trump said that many American media outlets support his rival Joe Biden, keeping quiet about his corruption deals. And thus, they themselves become involved in corruption. The head of the White House spoke about this today in two states at once.

There is not a single free minute in Donald Trump’s schedule. Two states again in a day, Michigan and Wisconsin. This time, he criticized the leading American media, which, in his opinion, keep silent about information that compromises his rival. We are talking again about corruption cases, in which the family of Joe Biden is suspected.

“The media refuses to write about it. Because they are actually just as corrupt. They condone it. Take CNN, for example. These are some of the most dishonest people I’ve ever seen in my life,” Donald said Trump.

Trump is also confident that if Biden wins in the upcoming November elections, the coronavirus pandemic in the States will drag on, and the creation of a vaccine will slow down. According to the president, the democrats will not be able to deal with the problems that they themselves are now creating. Namely, they are fueling mass protests, which for almost half a year have led to riots and looting.

“Thousands of people, at the call of the Democratic Party, rushed to the streets to riot, demolish monuments, seize entire neighborhoods, loot and burn shops. devastation, “- said Trump.

US presidential candidates will be talking about national security issues next week when they come face to face in a televised debate. By the way, Trump has already stated that the moderator of this debate is CBS journalist Kristen Welker, although unofficially, but a devoted supporter of the Democrats, which means that he will play against Trump. Anticipating events, the head of the White House has already named her on Twitter as one of the most terrible representatives of the deceitful media.

While Trump is touring the states and tweeting, rival Joe Biden is taking a day off. Not a single public event per day. Instead, the Democratic Party sent its supporters a three-page memo urging them not to relax before the elections, even if their candidate leads the polls.

Democrats fear that Trump may still win in key states and are trying to stage as many protests as possible against him. Thus, in Washington and other large cities, there were protests against the head of the White House. At the last moment, apparently remembering that the president was accused of a pandemic, and that they themselves, violating all norms, organize mass rallies, the Democrats modestly asked their supporters to wear protective masks and, if possible, maintain social distance.

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