Trump aide urged Americans to stock up on ammunition

Supporters of US President Donald Trump after the presidential election in November should be prepared for the increase in violence and stock up on patrons, said Michael Caputo, public affairs officer at the US Department of Health and Human Services.

In his Facebook video, he accused the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of hiding a “resistance squad” who plotted against Trump, even if such opposition would lead to an increase in coronavirus casualties.

Caputo claims that CDC staff “get out of their sweatpants just to meet in a cafe,” where they plot “attacks on Donald Trump.”

“Among the scientists working for our government, there are those who do not want America to get better until Joe Biden becomes president,” the RT official said, citing The New York Times.

“Allowing people to die in order to get the opportunity to change the president is a grave sin,” Caputo said, adding that the participants in this conspiracy “will go to hell”.

At the same time, Trump’s aide called on supporters of the American president to be ready for an armed uprising. Trump will win the election, he said, but Biden will refuse to acknowledge these results.

“When Donald Trump refuses to leave at his inauguration, the shooting will start. If you own a gun, buy cartridges, ladies and gentlemen, because they will be difficult to obtain, ”Caputo said.

The publication notes that the tone of the official’s address was “deeply ominous.” He said that “militant squads are training across the country” to give an armed rebuff to Trump’s second term. “You understand that they will have to kill me, and, unfortunately, I think that this is exactly what is going on,” Caputo said.

Earlier it was reported that the quarterly revenues of the American firearms manufacturer Smith & Wesson more than doubled within the United States amid the upcoming presidential elections, the coronavirus pandemic and civil unrest.

It is noted that arms sales have historically tended to grow during the presidential election years due to the fact that citizens are afraid of possible tightening of restrictions on the acquisition of weapons.