Trump and Biden announced victory in the US presidential election

Trump said he remains for a second term
The incumbent US President Donald Trump congratulated his voters on winning the elections. He announced that he won in the states of Florida, Ohio, Texas, North Carolina and Georgia. He also noted that he is already winning in Pennsylvania, and stressed that he did not even expect to win in some states.

Trump said the GOP is already gearing up “for a big celebration.” He thanked his constituents, family members and colleagues. Separately, the president stressed that he is ready to go to the Supreme Court to resolve the issue of the election results in those states where “something went wrong” due to fraud.

Later, the president called the sudden loss of leadership in elections in a number of states very strange. According to him, his advantage “began to magically disappear when unexpected heaps of ballots were counted.”

Biden’s headquarters are also confident of victory
“We are winning the elections, we won the elections. And we will defend this election, ”said attorney Bob Bauer, an advisor to Democratic candidate Joe Biden’s headquarters.

Headquarters officials also said they expect their candidate to win in Michigan and Pennsylvania. “We believe we have already won a victory in Wisconsin,” they added. The politician’s headquarters manager Jen Dillon, in turn, did not rule out that Trump would demand a recount in Wisconsin.

The vote count has not yet been officially completed
It is too early to talk about an unambiguous victory for the current president. According to the latest data, neither Trump nor Biden received the required 270 (out of 538) electoral votes to win. As of 19:00 Moscow time, Trump as a whole is not even in the lead: he won 213 electors, and Biden – 238. At the same time, in the states where the vote count is still ongoing, there is an equal struggle: the count goes to tenths of a percent.

Shortly before the start of the vote, it became known that Trump had bypassed Biden in polls in several states where a key struggle was unfolding. At the same time, in the country as a whole, the Democratic candidate before the start of voting was more than six percent ahead of the current leader. At the same time, experts believed that the gap might not be that big: Trump just actually has many “quiet” supporters who do not participate in polls.

If he loses, the 45th President of the United States will become the first head of state in 30 years who could not be re-elected for a second term: before that, this happened in 1992 with George W. Bush.